Promoting excellence and mobilizing community support for the Alexander City Schools.

How We Help


One of the goals of the Alexander City School Education Foundation (ACSEF) is to support programs and technology that is needed in the Alexander City Schools but is not yet funded. Recently the Alexander City Schools (ACS) made upgrades to computers and software in all five Alexander City Schools, providing every student with a Chromebook or iPad. In the past five years, ACSEF has assisted ACS with this project and contributed over $500,000 to technology and maintenance and repair. We gladly support technology in ACS; technology transforms the learning experience for

students, teaching them how to code, be more creative and be more connected.


Technology teaches students how to better collaborate across teams and with their instructors. ACSEF is a proud partner!




The mission of the ACSEF is to secure resources from individuals, corporations, and foundations to promote excellence in education and mobilize community support for the Alexander City Schools.

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